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XOXO by Axie Oh ePub PDF

XOXO by Axie Oh ePub PDF free download – Jay’s Karaoke sits at the center of a Koreatown strip mall between a Boba Land 2 and Sookie’s Hair Emporium. The door to the latter bursts open as I pass. “Yah, Jennyyah!” Sookie Kim, owner and hairdresser, stands in the doorway holding a plastic bag and a flat iron. “Aren’t you going to say hello?” “Hello, Mrs. Kim,” I say, then stretch my neck to look over her shoulder where three middle-aged women are seated in a row beneath hair dryers watching a K-drama on a wallmounted TV. “Hi, Mrs. Lim, Mrs. Chang, Mrs. Sutjiawan.” “Hi, Jenny,” they chorus back, waving at me briefly before returning their attention to the couple on screen who appear to be heading toward a K-drama kiss.

The man leans his head one way, the woman the other, their lips touch and hold as the camera pans out with dramatic music soaring in the background. As the credits start to roll, the ladies collapse back in their chairs with dreamy sighs. Well, two of them do. “That’s it?” Mrs. Sutjiawan throws her house slipper at the TV. “Here.” Ignoring the women, Mrs. Kim hands over the plastic bag she’s holding, which on closer inspection appears to be food wrapped up in a H Mart grocery bag and knotted tight. “This is for you to share with your mother.”

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