Wreck (Fuel #2) by Ginger Scott ePub PDF free download

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Wreck (Fuel #2) by Ginger Scott ePub PDF

Wreck (Fuel #2) by Ginger Scott ePub PDF free download – When I was stuck in Camp Verde, I couldn’t wait to get out. Now, I officially feel I don’t belong. What I don’t get, though, is how unbelievably sad I am about it. I spent the morning driving around this place in my rental car, and as familiar as every twist and turn in the road is, the curves no longer feel like they’re mine. I’m not sure what’s changed over four years. The landscape? Or me? Colt’s gone. That’s a big change. I have to keep reminding myself that my father—scratch that, sperm donor—is dead.

He can’t hurt me, and I think maybe that’s partly what has me feeling off. My natural instinct in this place is to have a heightened awareness for danger, and I find my neck craning constantly in search of either Colt’s truck or his friends. Of all the things that could have taken that man out, pancreatic cancer did the trick. I guess he spent the last four years of his life being a puppet for the ATF and FBI, ratting out players in the drug trade, and his reward was he got to spend the last year of his life slowly dying in that shithole he called home. I wouldn’t have come back at all if it weren’t for the weird legal crap that seems to require my signature and a lawyer present. Seems Colt left something behind. A safe deposit box. I guess he never put my mom’s name on anything. Only mine.

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