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World Military Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary – The historical backdrop of fighting can be viewed as the historical backdrop of humanity. Yet, stories behind the battles—behind the pioneers who drove troopers into battle—are similarly significant. This isn’t a work on why fights are battled or their definitive air. This is an audit of the lives and activities of the individuals who instructed armed forces, some huge and some little, in a fight. At Adrianople in Thrace, August 378, the Eastern Roman ruler Va-focal point took on the Goths, driven by Fritigern. Students of history accept, through accounts composed at that point and other proof, that Valens directed 20,000 men, while Fritigern had around 100,000 behind him. Valens and almost the whole Roman armed force was slaughtered, one of the most noticeably terrible military annihilations of old occasions. Be that as it may, the Roman antiquarian Ammianus’ epic story of the conflict endures even today: “Residue rose in such mists as to shroud the sky, which rang with unfortunate yells. In outcome, it was difficult to see the foe’s rockets in flight and avoid them . . . all discovered their imprint, and [these] darts welcomed passing on each side. The brutes poured on in colossal segments, stomping on down pony and man and pulverizing our positions so to make normal retreat incomprehensible.” Nearly 1,700 years after the fact, fighting is still essential for our lives. As American and other alliance powers battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, stories of fights battled are being composed for future antiquarians—and another pioneer, Tommy Franks, has his spot among the individuals who have held the title general.

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