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Wonder PDF by R.J Palacio

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Wonder PDF is the first novel for children by writer RJ Palacio, first published in 2012. The author got the idea of ​​the book for the first time when his 3-year-old son was in line to buy ice cream. At that time, there was a girl with a face of birth defects sitting next to them. The author Palacio worries his son will have a negative reaction when he sees her.

The main character of the Wonder, August Pullman, aka Auggie, is a boy with a rare condition that causes him to have a birth defect face. From an early age, Auggie had to undergo dozens of surgeries to be able to breathe, speak … like a normal person. But of course, his face basically couldn’t be said to be normal. As his sister, Via could simply describe, his face was like a wax candle, as he had experienced a fire and burns.

Auggie was originally homeschooled, but then his parents decided he would go to school like any other child. At first, only Isabel’s mother, and Nate’s father objected. Nate’s father thought that letting Auggie go to school was like making him a sheep to the slaughterhouse. “Like a sheep coming to the slaughterhouse: Having the intention of talking about a very calm person going somewhere, unaware that something bad is going to happen to him.” With an unusual face, and among children who have yet to learn to hide their thoughts as adults, Auggie will easily feel offensive eyes on her. That is for sure, is inevitable. But at home, Isabel’s mother decided she couldn’t change, Auggie had to go to school to face her fears and find a way to overcome it. And then Nate’s father also agreed that the decision was completely correct.

The book Wonder is the story of how Auggie tried to fit in and make friends in the difficult school environment, but how inspired it. The whole book will light up warmly by kind hearts as if each person is a lit candle. Like Headmaster Tushman, who always understands students. Like Mr. Browne, who always teaches his students meaningful proverbs, “Be a human being, when you are given the right choice between being right and kind, choose to be kind.” As the splendid Summer friend sat down for lunch with Auggie and suggested that they would both make a lunch table only for people with names related to the summer, “But if someone has a name that doesn’t belong to the season ff we want to sit with us this summer, we still let them sit if they are cute.”

And the Wonder shows that kindness is also forced to go through trials. Like Auggie’s older sister Via, always a sister who cares, loves and gives way to her. But at the same time, she also had moments of wanting to monopolize the love of her parents, not wanting to be a Moon, but her parents were Earth and Auggie was the Sun. As a little boy, Jack Will understands the friendship is easily broken by a word that is not intentional but hurt enough, and also understand that sometimes a punch is worth doing to protect what we need.

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