Winning Through Intimidation PDF free download by Robert Ringer

Winning Through Intimidation tells us that: Even if successful people genuinely want to share their secrets, it is very difficult to determine where their success comes from, because everyone has their own method of thinking. It is possible to offer a solution that is common to everyone.

Winning Through Intimidation

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They are standing on top of success, there will be many people becoming arrogant. They will not point out the external reasons for their success: random luck, ABC sponsor’s help … but will only focus on internal reasons (created by themselves) such as analytical thinking. extreme, hard work, “not studying but still good” – like that.

And because the ultimate goal is to make money, the books written are marketable, “badly eaten”. If the book is sold, the profit that the author earns will not only include the publishing fee but also the money to buy the publishing rights of countries with high demand for self-help books, online courses , the amount of money inviting the author to give presentations, … All of which create a huge temptation to keep successful entrepreneurs continually publish self-help books and advertise them on social platforms.

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