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Hamlet (Ham’et) is a tragedy – a comedy by the great British writer and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616), probably composed in 1601. The plot of the work is derived from the Saga type (folktale) of the Middle Ages. On the Renaissance stage, the British performed many plays of the same name by many authors. It is thought that Shakespeare composed Hamlet may be based on the historical tragedy of the François Belleforest or on the now lost play of Hamlet by Thomas Kyd (1558-1594), a play called Ur-Hamlet with the intention of means “Original Hamlet”.

The story of Hamlet revolves around the central character is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a student at Wittenberg University (Germany). He met a plight in his family: his father had died two months before his mother, the QueenGertrude remarried to Claudius, his uncle. The spirit of the king’s father appears to inform him that Claudius was the one who killed himself to usurp the throne and Queen, and demanded Hamlet to seek revenge. Hamlet has since been filled with resentment, disgust and disgust for life. The crazy guy to cover the eyes of the enemy, perform his duty. And Hamlet’s enemies also tried to spy on him. The situation became tenser when Hamlet invited a troupe into the palace to perform a play. Seeing the scene of a couple of prostitutes trying to assassinate the king, Claudius fled in panic and went to his room to pray. Hamlet followed closely and stood right behind him. The opportunity was very favorable for him to take revenge, but he did not act. He claimed to kill him while he was praying for his soul to be free from evil, going to heaven cannot be called revenge and thus is not commensurate with the death your father suffered. Claudius plotted to eliminate Hamlet, he sent two minions Rosencrantz and Guildenstern escort Hamlet to England, on a special mission. Before Hamlet left, his mother called him in to talk, with the intention of taking advantage of his mother and daughter’s affection to seduce Hamlet into telling him his true mood. Lord Polonius, the father of Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover hiding behind the curtain, was tasked with watching the conversation. However, Hamlet was always wary and when he discovered the curtain moved, he drew his sword. Regrettably, not the king Claudius as he thought but the father of his lover. On the way to England, taking advantage of the two henchmen of the rudimentary king, Hamlet peeked at the mat, it was an order given to the English king to kill Hamlet immediately. Hamlet wrote in a different order, asking the English king to kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. He returned to Denmark and told the king that he was attacked pirates catch them, then let them off. Ophelia was partly frustrated with the madness of her lover, Hamlet, so painful from the mysterious death of her father that she lost her mind, wandered and eventually drowned. Laertes was indignant at the death of his father (Polonius) and was told by the king that Hamlet was the culprit. or: organize a duel between Laertes and Hamlet, the tip of Laertes laced with poison and not covered. More carefully, the king even prepared a poisonous wine glass to invite Hamlet to drink. Hamlet did not foresee the vicious plot of the enemy. But, against Claudius’s will, when Hamlet won the point, the Queen was the one who drank the glass to celebrate her son. In the third half, Laertes stabbed Hamlet and was injured. Swapping his sword, Laertes was hit again by Hamlet. The queen soaked up the dead liquor, which shocked the whole court. Laertes knew that he too was about to die and regretted telling the truth: King Claudius was the culprit of the conspiracy and Hamlet would not be able to escape death due to the poison. Outraged, Hamlet killed the king with a poisoned sword. The tragedy ended with Fortinbras, after being conquered Poland returned, crowned king of the Kingdom of Denmark in the cannon, the music of music sees off Hamlet’s souls resting.

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