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Wicked Rich by C. Morgan ePub PDF

Wicked Rich by C. Morgan ePub PDF free download – When my assistant, David, and I had taken off from Hawaii, there had been nothing but sunshine, blue skies, bluer ocean, and bright green palms trees swaying in the breeze for as far as the eye could see. The sky was blue here too, but it was different, crisper. With the fall semester starting in only a few days, the foliage outside was already changing.

Reds, golds, and oranges colored the gnarled old trees surrounding the runway —in sharp contrast to the landscape we’d left behind. We weren’t even out of the plane yet, but anticipation was already coursing hot and heavy through my veins. It had been building for days now, but it reached a fever pitch as the jet rolled to a stop and the whine of the engines quieted down. “Welcome back to Massachusetts, Mr. Breyer,” David said stiffly. I swore the guy had a foot-long stick up his ass, but at least he wouldn’t be staying.

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