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Where the Wild Things Are PDF Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book, translated into 32 languages ​​and sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

The book opens with a simple scene, warm home with a stern mother and a naughty son. It was Max’s house. One night Max dressed in a wolf and mischief, was scolded by his mother: “Young devil,” and then went to bed early and punished himself for dinner.

Maurice recounted when writing Where the wild things are, he recalled the day when he was a naughty child, he was punished by his mother and sent to the room, not allowed to eat snacks. dark. Max also had the same unhappy sadness. His mother scolded him for being a “young devil,” and he screamed, “I will eat you”. “Yeah, if Mom calls me a devil, I’ll go live with the demons, don’t bother with her anymore.” When Max returned to his room, a dense forest grew, the room disappeared and he sailed across the great sea to the wild creatures. Upon reaching an island with immature demons, Max conquered them and was crowned king. Now do whatever you want. He even sent young demons to sleep without giving them dinner.

But when he was bored, he felt lonely, he wanted to be somewhere where someone loved him the most. And then he smelled delicious. Max hesitated to sail back into his room. There was a late-night snack waiting. It is still hot.

Where the Wild Things Are are the legendary picture book, often on the list of the best picture books of all time. The work won the Caldecott Medal for the Most Distinguished Picture book in 1964, translated into 32 languages ​​and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. And up until now, it has always been on the bestseller list.

It is no accident that this work has such long-lasting vitality. Maurice Sendak hates being called a children’s book illustrator. Because he thought that when he wrote a picture book, he wanted to convey that story deeply, to both adults and children. For him, every child has his own “mature” pain that needs to be respected. He always asserted: “I refuse to lie to children.” Maurice Sendak drew picture books not only because he wanted to delight the children, but rather, to touch their innermost feelings, to the pain that can not be measured by the years of maturity.

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