Shel Silverstein – Where The Sidewalk Ends PDF full book

Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF

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Where The Sidewalk Ends is a collection of more than 100 poems for children of Shel Silverstein, with the rhythm, the treatment of rhyme extremely subtle. His poetry attracts readers with a clever and witty perspective, making it easier for children to grasp the meaning of each poem and adults will laugh at it for its profound meaning.

Where the sidewalk ends is Shel Silverstein’s second book, first published in 1974. In 1984, Silverstein won the Best Grammy Album for Children for his album Where the Sidewalk Ends by himself. “Rewrite lyrics, sing and perform, shout”. And since its inception, this poem / book At the end of this walk has always been in the list of the best children’s books voted by prestigious Magazines. In 2015, At the end of this walkway ranked 29th out of 73 books for all families voted by Timeout Magazine of America.

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