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When to Rob a Bank

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When To Rob a Bank is the latest in the series of the famous Comedic Economics series by Steve D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. With the title of the book quite curious, quite humorous quotes such as why the price of gasoline is more happy than worrying, why cheating and doping is good for sports and in any way … and not to mention to the strange, rambling, disjointed, but quite profound, familiar voice of the authors.

As stated by the author, this book is a collection of blog posts of two people, so we can read any articles if we want. If you don’t want to fall asleep and throw your book in the trash, go right through the previous chapters and focus on reading the final chapter, where the author’s best writings are gathered. The first plus point is the extremely funny way of thinking like a geek. Impressions from the title to the content, chapter 8 “Once a Jet” gives readers unique and strange perspectives on everyday life under the eyes of economists. Since these articles are not academic, they are not written with specialized language, so it is easy to understand for people with general education. Let’s read the article on how to view the problem of giving money to beggars, what will economists do?

“Assuming you are walking on a narrow corner, on the left is a street vendor selling burgers, and on the right is a beggar lying on the side of the road with a hat out. You have $ 10 in hand, what would you do? ”

Mark Cuban, when asked by the author, immediately responded, skipped and walked, neither buying bread nor giving the beggar a penny. Don’t forget he is a successful businessman and owner of a basketball team. A business teacher, Arthur Brooks, offers many options, he either buys the beggar a loaf of bread, or if he is too busy, he gives him the money. Economist Tyler Cowen, author of many famous blogs, chose to buy burgers and walk (not buy for the beggar). There are 2 more people in the interview, one person gives money to the beggar, the other one who answers more widely than Marxist philosophy and of course many people do not understand what he is saying. Surely the last man being interviewed did not understand the question or dare not answer.

So what is the answer of our two economists, does anyone know what the author’s conclusion is. He, of course, gave up on giving money to beggars, but giving charity $ 10 to the workers selling authentic bread….

That is just one article out of a dozen articles in chapter 8 with an unexpected ending. Primitive lessons from pirate economics introduced, whether to bribe children a lot of money to work hard for them to study, or the harm of a famous restaurant selling rotten chicken (broken) but still forcing customers to pay money…!!! These are so original and compelling that you can’t put down the book without reading the next one. In this final chapter alone, it deserves a 10 point for quality.

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