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What We Devour by Linsey Miller ePub PDF

What We Devour by Linsey Miller ePub PDF free download – It was an honor to work with the dead, but Rylan Hunt—four stone, fifty-two inches, eviscerated, my notes read—had died two days before his thirteenth birthday, and no funeral rites would fix that. I uncurled his clenched fists, the tense muscles creaking like tinder, and peeled off his sodden gloves. His mother had made them last autumn, and they’d been blue yesterday. Now the whole of him was red and brown and purple, the stains of death settling beneath his skin. I turned and tossed his gloves into the compost pile that would become his funeral plot. The collecting pool sloshed about my knees. Every part of him loved and every part of him returned to the earth except for the parts that seeped into me. I was a graveyard so no one else needed to be. Felhollow’s only undertaker: it wasn’t a title I wanted, but there had been nothing else left to do in this town when I arrived seven years ago.

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