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What Goes Around by Ann Bloxwich

What Goes Around by Ann Bloxwich ePub PDF free download – Her mouth was open, but the scream refused to come out as she was dragged backwards on her stomach across the dimly lit path, a pair of strong hands wrapped around her bare ankles. She scrabbled frantically at the hard-packed earth, the broken glass, the barbed-wire fence, trying desperately to get a purchase on anything she could to thwart her attacker. Her dress rucked up beneath her and she tried in vain to tug it back down, to cover what little of her modesty remained. Fingers wound their way into her hair and tightened into a fist, yanking her head back painfully as a scarf was looped around her parched throat and a heavy weight settled on her back. Her tongue lolled out as she choked and tried in vain to suck air in through her crushed airway. The scarf was pulled tighter and her eyes flickered as she began to lose consciousness, the world descending into darkness. The last thing she heard before her body gave up the fight was a voice, coming from what seemed like miles away, calling out, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’

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