What do You Need to Know About the Dubai World Games Expo?

What do You Need to Know About the Dubai World Games Expo

The gaming industry in the United Arab Emirates is going from strength to strength, and this is highlighted by the vast number of globally recognized developers who flock to the country annually to attend the Dubai World Games Expo. This event has been running at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre since 2007, and it attracts more participants every year.

The Dubai World Games Expo is now known as the largest video games event in the Middle East and North African region. The aim of it is to tout new games, platforms, and technology to potential investors.

Gaming Industry on the Rise in the UAE

The rip-roaring success of the Dubai World Games Expo highlights the impeccable rise of the gaming industry in the country. Revenue from gaming is already earning more than $288 million for the UAE. This is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.28 percent, resulting in a projected market volume of $372 million in 2027. Like the rest of the world, the mobile sector is the most lucrative, making up more than half of the annual revenue. Some of the most popular mobile games in the region include PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans.

The online casino sector is another thriving part of the gaming industry that is attracting a lot more interest from international companies. Indeed, well-known brands are now marketing themselves to players in the UAE with attractive offers and bonuses. These include the likes of Betway and 888casino, who have even adapted their services to the Arabic language. Players have so many choices now that they need to turn to review pages to sift through all the options. Once, they’ve found something that interests them, they can simply click a link to get taken directly to the site.

There are also plenty of game developers in the UAE that is now renowned on the world stage. These include companies like Argentics, Moonmana Games, Cubix, and Logic Simplified. As the country continues to flourish, it will allure other brands to set up shop there.

Which Developers Will be at the Next Expo?

The Dubai World Games Expo has become the greatest event in the region thanks to its ability to allure some of the biggest names in the business. When other studios hear that the most famous brands are there, they also want to flock to the meeting to interact with them. Square Enix is one of the best-known companies to grace the event, with the Japanese conglomerate renowned for its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises. It now has interests all around the world and may soon be seeking to expand in the Middle East.

Ubisoft is another major player that always turns up to the Dubai World Games Expo. The French video game company has been going since 1986 and is lauded for having developed some of the greatest franchises of all time. These include Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. The studio is also known for its Tom Clancy series and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft has operated in the UAE since 2011 with its Ubisoft Abu Dhabi branch. It was the first major video game studio to be based in the capital.

How Does This Push the Industry Forward?

Game expos like this are hugely important for the progression of the industry, which is why they are found all over the world. They give major players in gaming a chance to meet and collaborate, form partnerships, and discover new technology. For example, these events are great places for studios to showcase new game engines. When other companies see these, they may then be tempted to use them when developing their own games.

The Dubai World Games Expo pushes the industry forward in the UAE because it highlights what a fertile landscape the country is for businesses in the gaming industry. International brands will see the success of studios like Ubisoft Abu Dhabi and realize that they can do something similar.

The Dubai World Games Expo looks set to gain even more stature in the years ahead as the gaming industry booms in the UAE. More developers will flock to this region as they see the benefits of using cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi as their Middle Eastern hubs.


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