Weapons of Math Destruction PDF Free Download FULL

Weapons of Math Destruction PDF free download

Weapons of Math Destruction PDF

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Weapons of Math Destruction PDF presents the current dangers when it comes to the quick and unappealing application of AI in many areas. Various areas, including the sentencing of imprisonment in the US and education. Cathy’s theory reflects the goals and ideologies of their creators. They also tend to fight the poor and increase inequality in society.

From calculating university rankings or credit ratings and processing job applications to deciding what ads you see online or which stories appear in Facebook news feeds, Algorithms play an increasingly important role in our lives. This leads to the conclusion that when it comes to the design phase of machine learning, we must make sure to check and avoid obvious deviations from its historical or input data.

However, this theory says little about how we can adjust technology effectively in real-time. One option to solve the problem is Blockchain – plays a very important role in controlling machine learning and AI technology. The immutability of the records is an important mechanism to allow regulations to be implemented on autonomous AI entities.

Blockchain can also allow access control of any autonomous AI entity based on the reputation of that autonomous agent. After all, the only possible sanction you can apply to a free AI entity is to end it; or if you don’t have that power, remove the AI ​​instance’s access to the community. This can be considered as the “termination of communication” of the AI ​​individual and the modern world.

So imagine a future where standards are defined around what AI has to write for Blockchain and access control mechanisms based on the “reputation” of autonomous AI entities. We will have a mechanism that can create a control that is unbreakable by any autonomous AI agent. Looking at this issue from a philosophical point of view, the closest approach comes from the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who wrote the text Leviathan.

In this work, he describes the need for people to relinquish power as a ruler or “leviathan – ruler” for the benefit of society. Much has been written about “naked illustrations” of the consequences that the creators did not foresee. However, very few words are written about how we can actually create a leviathan to regulate AI or machine learning.

Allows a leviathan in AI to execute identification and reporting to a Blockchain. The immutability of Blockchain ensures that no agent can interfere with it, thus creating a ledger for all autonomous AI agents. Leviathan will effectively monitor agreed rules and impose penalties if they are not met.

Many people have talked about the use cases of Blockchain when it is being put into operation everywhere. And there are some who argue that the most important application of Blockchain technology is related to the survival of mankind.

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