We Were Liars PDF free download by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars

We Were Liars

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“We were liars” is a story written for teenagers, the plot is not too complicated, but the special feature of the story lies not necessarily there, but in the way the author interprets and uses words. Since I read this story in the English original, I will analyze it in the original, and Nha Nam’s translation I could not judge even though I knew this story from their translation, at that time when I picked up the book. The book read the first lines, I was quite impressed with the words of the translator, so I thought that I should read this story in the original to get a better sense of Lockhart’s use of words.

As I expected the original text uses a very simple, neat word, but many of its segments can make a heart ache a bit. Can compare the style of “We were liars” with “La place” – “A place in life” by Ms. Annie Earnaux, I think “We were liars” is still more loving and warm than “La place” but in terms of hardness is not equal.

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