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War Storm is the fourth and final installment in author Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series. The story itself picks up right were King’s Cage left off. This is a story about three main characters; Mare “I Will Not Be A Red Queen” Barrow, Evangeline Santos, and Princess Born, Queen made by marriage, Iris Cygnet, while others like Cal and Maven Calore are tossed a bone or two to keep readers entertained. This story takes readers from Corvium, where Mare’s allies defeated Maven, to the Lakelands Republic, where we meet Iris’s mother and sister, as well as The Free Republic of Montfort where we have never been before.

War Storm

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In War Storm, the story was narrated from various points of view, this time Iris’s, Evangeline’s (again) and (briefly) Cal’s and Maven’s, along with Mare’s, of course. I actually have to commend Victoria Aveyard for giving each character a separate voice and managing not to make them all sound the same. The regular switching between Mare, Iris and Evangeline made the story much more dynamic, giving us a view of different sides of the conflict, and proved to be especially interesting during the battle. Both Iris and Evangeline were strong female characters, similar in some aspects and completely different in others, but Evangeline was, without doubt, my favorite, her actions managing to surprise me time and time again. I also enjoyed finally seeing Maven’s point of view, and I’m sorry he wasn’t introduced as a regular narrator earlier in the series because I’m sure it would have made both Glass Sword and King’s Cage much more intriguing.

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