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Walls by L.M. Elliott ePub PDF

Walls by L.M. Elliott ePub PDF free download – Standing in the doorway, Drew hesitated, his freckles burning crimson like a thousand flares of anxiety. Any minute, his red hair might burst into flames. Snap out of it, man, he reprimanded himself. You’ve done this before. Five times already in his fifteen-year life— California, New York, Italy, North Carolina, and Virginia. It wasn’t as if he was trying to invade the Soviet Union. All he had to do was walk through this measly door and into a party, introduce himself to a room of strangers, win them over with breezy chitchat and the gutsy bravado and pitch-perfect manners expected of “army brats.”

All the while knowing that in two years tops, he’d most likely be pulling up stakes and saying goodbye again. No problem. “Go on, soldier,” his big sister Joyce nudged him. “Remember what Dad always says?” Keeping their voices low, they recited, “To take a wall, you have to march straight and fast to it. He who hesitates . . .” “. . . is lost,” whispered their little sister, Linda. Drew and Joyce glanced down at the eleven-year-old. She’d barely spoken since they’d crossed the Atlantic Ocean and taken the military duty train through Germany to Berlin. Their family dog, Blarney—Linda’s constant companion and protector—was too old for the voyage and had been left behind in the States. She’d been pretty darn shaky ever since. Joyce kissed the top of Linda’s strawberry-blond head. “Full speed ahead, sweetie,” she chirped.

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