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Waiting for Godot

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Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett, a writer of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The work is considered the most remarkable English play of the 20th century. It is a work about two men who spend their whole lives waiting for an unknown character named “Godot”, Godot writes like God.

The original French script was composed between October 9, 1948, and January 29, 1949. The work was first performed on January 5, 1953, at the Babylone Theater (Théâtre de Babylone), Paris, France…

Pending Godot is a typical work of this kind of absurd drama. It has no plot, nor is its climax. You can also call it a tragedy with nature. Here, Beckett wants to send to the audience a fictional message, symbolizing the image of the modern ruined society or the loneliness and consciousness of the modern people. However, that message is expressed very interestingly through the tragic comedy harmonization.

The absurd drama school was not born in the period of modernist literature but was born after World War II, so it is often considered post-modern literature. The absurd drama is a school of drama that appeared around the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, with a number of French and European and American writers. The writers have different origins: Ireland, Romania, the Soviet Union, then all have French citizenship: Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Arthur Adamov and Harold Pinter of England, Peter Weiss of Germany, Edward Albee of the United States. This school of drama has no unified movement, no official flag, no manifesto speech, no mass organization, no journal creation. In the late ’40s, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco’s bald singer spoke, but it wasn’t until the early’ 50s that it caught the attention of the audience.

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