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VPN Unlimited is one of the simplest, effective VPN software to create a virtual private network and protect your Internet activity from being monitored.

VPN Unlimited VPN Unlimited web browser interface

On your computer always contains a lot of information, from personal and financial information to browsing history, downloading files. VPN Unlimited is a compact and effective software designed to protect information. Personal information of users while browsing the web by creating a separate connection and encrypting traffic through multiple server choices worldwide. The software creates an effective protection screen, allowing you to browse the web anonymously, safely and effectively. The way this software works is similar to many similar VPN software and features like OpenVPN, VyprVPN or Avira Phantom VPN. To use VPN Unlimited, users will only need to create a free account. The following steps are very simple, choose the server you want to connect, from the UK to France, the Netherlands … or choose Optimal Server For You to find the best server for you. his web browser. Then just choose Start , the software will start to put your web activity connected through this server. To be protected at any time, users can choose to have the software run with Windows startup.

The video introduces how VPN Unlimited software works

On the main window of the software, you will see the current connection status and email address display. The software allows to change password or logout at any time very easily. If you want to increase your security layer, you can use Account Management to add a feature that requires you to enter your password each time you open the software. Besides the list of active servers, VPN Unlimited also provides information about the time you use the software, the date of use and the amount of traffic.

VPN Unlimited 2 Select the server to create a virtual private network

In addition to the ability to browse safely, using other servers will also help you access blocked websites, unlock many geographically restricted content on sites such as Facebook , YouTube … When Turn off, VPN Unlimited will display to the system tray and continue to do its work without interfering with other user activities. By right-clicking on the icon, you can disconnect or change the server.

VPN Unlimited taskbar Options for bringing VPN Unlimited to the system tray

Key features of VPN Unlimited web browsing software

Absolute security

Browse the web securely no matter what connection network you use or share data online. VPN Unlimited encrypts your Internet traffic along with sensitive information, protecting you from third parties or hackers.

Completely private

Keep Internet activities completely anonymous and avoid being monitored. Service providers, websites, hackers or advertisers will not be able to monitor your traffic when the IP address has been changed by VPN Unlimited.

Unlimited access

VPN Unlimited’s technology allows you to browse the web unlimitedly, access any website like a local, and not worry about blocking access.

Fast connection

The software’s VPN servers ensure the best connection speed, giving users the experience of using the Internet anywhere and anytime.

Other features

  • Support more than 5 devices when using the service with Subscribe subscriptions.
  • Bring extensions like setting up VPN on WiFi router, Personal Server or Personal IP.
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