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Vow of Deception by Rina Kent

Vow of Deception by Rina Kent – What bad luck. But I guess I’ve never had the good type. Not when I was born, and certainly not when I was shoved into this life. My attention remains on the deep crimson covering my hands like a second skin. It’s thick, sticky, and its dark color burns in my head. I rub my palms together to wipe it off, but that doesn’t make it better. If anything, the fresh, warm blood smears further, as if it’s already chosen my hands as a permanent place of residence.

I dig my nails into the long scar on my wrist and claw at the skin as hard as I can, intending to remove it and peer under it. To see the blood actually flowing, to differentiate this nightmare from reality. If there’s no pain, then this is not real. It’s only another cruel manifestation of my subconscious and another selfpunishment. Soon, it’ll be all over and I’ll wake up, safe and sound.

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