Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau PDF free download

Details about Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau

450 Pages – 2018 – 13.7 MB – 6987 Downloads – English

Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau PDF

Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau PDF free download by Lindy Ryan – This book is for anyone who has data and wants to use it to communicate something to someone else in an engaging and memorable way. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Analysts sharing the results of their data discovery or analysis
  • Students communicating data for reports or presentations Teachers helping learners (of any age) to cultivate visual data literacy
  • Executives and business managers reporting data-driven results or metrics
  • Journalists giving data the starring role in their editorials

Essentially, if you have some data and want to tell a story about it to someone else, then this book is for you. So, from the most savvy of data users to students just beginning to learn about the power of data visualization in business communications, as long as you are interested in becoming a better visual data storyteller, then you’re in the right place!

There are no prerequisites for this book. In fact, it might actually be preferable if you’re coming into this text with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. We start with the basics and build incrementally on concepts and to move through the datstorytelling process from beginning to end.

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