Visual and Linguistic Representations of Places of Origin An Interdisciplinary Analysis ePub PDF download

Book Name: Visual and Linguistic Representations of Places of Origin An Interdisciplinary Analysis
Author: Maria Pia Pozzato (auth.)
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
ISBN-10: 978-3-319-68857-2,978-3-319-68858-9
Year: 2018
Pages: 307
Language: English
File size: 15 MB
File format: PDF

This publication is all about the representations – both visual and linguistic – that individuals give of their very own areas of origin. It assesses the drawings of interviewees that were requested to draw their particular set of source on a white A3 sheet, with colour or pencil, based on their selection. If they had been born at a place they didn’t recall because they transferred in if they were rather little, they might draw the location they did recall as the situation of the early youth. The semiotic tools are utilized to spell out how every individual reconstructs a intricate picture of their childhood location, and the way they interpret their particular memories from 1 language into another, e.g. from drawing into verbal narrative, attempting to approach the things that they wish to convey in the most effective way possible.

The cognitive-psychological point of perspective helps explain the psychological world of the interviewees and their motives during the process of reconstruction and reflection of the childhood experiences. The geographic conceptualizations concern that a cultural level and supply insight to the cartographic units that inspire the maps individuals attracted. Among the primary findings was that the impact from cultural principles as shown from the fact that nearly all of those US pupils interviewed drew their maps demonstrating significant cartographic expertise in contrast to their European counterparts.


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