Video Games Are Longer Than Ever, But Is That What Players Really Want?

The current trend of video games is that they are getting longer with every new console generation. As developers seek to use innovative hardware to give gamers value for their money, it sometimes ends up in massive video games featuring hundreds of gameplay hours. If you miss the classic pokies, you can visit free slots NZ for more information on where you can enjoy free pokies with free spins. It is apparent that even though long games are desirable, big-budget games don’t need to be hundreds of hours long. Some gamers

In The Beginning, It Was Not So

Most of the early big-budget video games relied on the difficulty to make playtime long. However, with time, video games became more complex. Developers started incorporating dramatic storylines to captivate gamers for more extended periods.

Several renowned RPGs on the original PlayStation featured between 40 and 50 hours campaigns. This gave the players an immersive gaming experience that hooked them for hours.

The current titles usually stretch across enormous open worlds that can take gamers many hours to explore completely. You might need up to 200 hours to experience the entire game.

Gamers Have Other Responsibilities

Yes, that’s right. Many gamers cannot afford to spend over 500 hours in a single game. Some of them have families and other responsibilities to take care of. Even though they have busy schedules, they also want to enjoy their favorite video games without impeding their other responsibilities.

Therefore, if video game developers can develop big-budget games with 20-hour campaigns, many gamers with a busy schedule wouldn’t have to sacrifice their daily routines to enjoy the next big hit.

Quality over Quantity

The concept of quality over quantity comes into play in the matter of short video games. Most gamers prefer playing a shorter video game with immersive gameplay and innovative ideas than a long game filled with apathetic content.

Therefore, developers should focus on giving gamers a quality gaming experience than sub-par extensive games. The games would appeal to more players if they were more interesting as opposed to being prolonged.

 Modern Gaming Problems

One of the most significant drawbacks of modern games is that the titles overextend themselves. The games tend to drag on longer than necessary. It has become common for great video games to overstay their welcome, sacrificing quality for prolonged playtime.

However, video games don’t have to be extensive to get their point across. It would be best for developers to trim down the games to remain with the core essentials and eliminate meaningless side missions that add no value to the game.

What about Long Video Games?

Don’t get it twisted, though. Long video games are incredible visual epics that offer gamers innumerable hours of fun. However, they should not push shorter games out of the picture. The shorter games should remain in the picture even as the longer video games become prevalent. Some gamers still want to enjoy a great video game without having to spend hundreds of hours of playtime. Top-rated developers should focus on developing engrossing games devoid of unnecessary fluff.

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