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Vampire The Masquerade

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Vampire The Masquerade content brings an old story like the world, the story of the creatures of the night, werewolves, zombies, corpses, Japanese youkai … and of course vampires, Kindreds, or Cainite (VTMB’s lore considers Cain to be the first vampire, the strongest of whom the Lord’s curse will forever suck the blood of his descendants). Our protagonist becomes a vampire following a blood transfusion ritual called to embrace, a vampire chooses his disciple or companion from mortals through this ritual, after the ceremony ends. that mortal would become a vampire and call his transformation Sire.

Most of these ceremonies are established when a clan in Kindred society wants to increase the number of members, and the ritual is performed by elders or experienced members of the clan. Each clan has different personality traits as well as different strengths and weaknesses. In VTMB there are 13 clans mentioned but you can only choose 7 of those 13 clans to create characters.

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