Using VPN in the USA to Play Online Casino Games

Using VPN in the USA to Play Online Casino Games

VPN is an incredibly useful tool for multiple reasons. One of the most common and primary uses of VPN is to protect users’ web sessions, by cloaking their actual IP address. This can prevent sites from gathering your personal data, and you can effectively avoid data theft. That alone is more than enough reason to use VPN. However, there are other perks that users can enjoy as they can effectively use a proxy IP that is registered in a different country. In other words, you can get access to content that is otherwise restricted due to your geographical location.

This is very common when you want to watch Netflix shows that are only available in certain countries, or when you wish to access websites that are restricted to you. In other words, if online casinos or online gambling is unavailable in your state you can use VPN to gain access to foreign sites. Here we will discuss some pros and cons of using VPN in the US in order to play online casino games.

Online Gambling in the US

As you already know, each state in the USA has the autonomy to regulate its own legal system. As a result, there are states where marijuana is legal and where it is illegal, and there are those who are in the process of legalizing it. The same applies to gambling and online gambling, as there are only a handful of states where this activity is regulated by the government. As a result, those who live in states where gambling is illegal, either travel to one of the nearby states in order to play casino games or simply use a VPN.

Is Using a VPN to Play in an Online Casino a Good Idea?

Although using a VPN increases your security online, it doesn’t necessarily mean that playing casino games is a good idea. To elaborate, players tend to use this to access foreign websites that seemingly have amazing bonuses or other promotions. Yet these sites still require you to make a deposit or spend money, and just because you are using VPN doesn’t make you scam-proof. In other words, illegal gambling sites can still take your money or refuse to pay out your winnings.

It would be more prudent to simply play on a website that is based and regulated by one of the states in the US. This way you don’t have to use VPN and you are playing with a legal and regulated operator. You can find the list of best NJ online casinos and play on one of the platforms that are available there. Moreover, you get games and sports betting content that is specifically tailored to the US market. Also, these are all reputable online casinos that won’t attempt any funny business, and it will be a lot easier to withdraw your funds. Finally, you are supporting the US economy over the economy of another foreign country.

Other US Platforms You Can Try

New Jersey was one example of a state where you can get access to top-tier and trusted gambling content. However, you are not limited to the operators available there, as online gambling is also available in several other states. In addition to New Jersey, you can use sites that are regulated by the following states:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • West Virginia
  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut

You can also be on the lookout in the years to come, as there are states that are in process of legalizing online gambling. So, we might see more platforms that are from:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

Lastly, gambling in some form, even if it’s not online or if it’s only limited to sports betting, is legal in 48 states. So, chances are you will find pretty much anything even if you are limited to the US market.

Picking a Trusted Foreign Provider

If for some reason you want to use VPN and access foreign sites, then you should make sure you are registering with reliable operators. This means you need to see where the platform is licensed and what is the regulatory body in charge of that operator. You can use the list of regulatory bodies approved by Canada. They basically allow sites from Malta, the UK, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, and a few others, to operate there.

You can find an operator that has a wide array of both sports betting options and online casino games. Ideally, you want to play on a platform that allows you to use cryptocurrency, as this way there will be no problems with money transfers.

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