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VPN Unlimited for the browser is a cross-platform VPN software that helps users to surf the web more safely, without worrying about being monitored or leaking information on the Internet. The browser version allows you to use VPN Unlimited right in your browser without having to install it on your computer.

VPN Unlimited on ChromeRegister account for free Security application allows anonymous browsing

VPN Unlimited is one of the simple, compact and powerful VPN software that operates multi-platform. On every device from computer to phone, you can install, try it completely for free to provide the security features for your web browsing process. Internet activities can always be monitored, monitored or saved at any time by many different objects, so creating a virtual private network, encrypting connections is one of those. ways to make users more secure when surfing the web. How VPN Unlimited for the browser works, as well as the same VPN applications, allows users to connect to servers around the world, thereby changing their IP addresses (hiding old IP addresses), and anonymous web browsing. Thanks to this, you can surf the web safely, unlock services, geographic content is limited by geography. For example, you can switch to a server in the US and comfortably access blocked websites in Vietnam but still “open” in the US.

The video introduces how VPN Unlimted works

Using VPN Unlimited for the browser is also very easy, users just need to log in to their account (open a free account), then select the server that they want to connect and start browsing freely. This application brings more than 50 servers across countries around the world, with large countries the server is divided by region or state as in the United States. Another feature of VPN Unlimited is the optimization server option, when Optimal Server For You is selected , the application will select the optimal server to ensure the fastest connection for you. The browser version supports both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox .

Unlimited VPN for the browser optionsUnlimited VPN for the browser severUnlimited VPN for the browser connect Connect to servers around the world for safe browsing

The main feature of the Unlimited VPN application for the browser

  • Create virtual private network to encrypt data sent and received on the device.
  • Unlimited access to capacity.
  • Fast connection.
  • Browsing anonymously ensures the safety of personal information.
  • Unlocking blocked websites, services, web content is blocked by geographic area.
  • Own more than 50 servers around the world.
  • Free trial for 7 days.
  • Many attractive features such as buying personal servers, using on many devices with only one account …
  • Support both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
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