Download Trend Micro Password Manager 2019 for Windows

Trend Micro Password Manager 2019 is an effective software for managing passwords and website login IDs in a secure location, so you only need to remember one password.

Trend Micro Password Manager 2019 Trend Micro Password Manager 2019 helps manage and protect online accounts

With a simple interface, you can rest assured when using Trend Micro Password Manager to perform your work most effectively.

Every door that opens to the Internet world will always need a “key” to open that door – that is the combination of username and password. Behind each door is a series of your personal information. If you use a password that is vulnerable to attack, reuse on multiple pages and save to browsers, then you are giving the keys to access your personal information to anyone who is online.

Main features of Trend Micro Password Manager

  • Manage up to 5 passwords with no time limit.
  • You can easily manage passwords for multiple online accounts and password automatically log in to the site.
  • Automatically synchronize your login information across multiple devices.
  • Add-on browser for quick and easy access.
  • Secure browser for you to access banking and financial websites.
  • Sign in with just one click.
  • User interface easy to use.
  • Works with Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers
  • Works on personal computers (PC), Macs and Android ™ and iOS devices
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