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Transformers for Natural Language Processing PDF

Transformers for Natural Language Processing PDF free download – Transformers are a game-changer for Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which has become one of the pillars of artificial intelligence in a global digital economy. The global economy has been moving from the physical world to the digital world. We are witnessing the expansion of social networks versus physical encounters, e-commerce versus physical shopping, digital newspapers, streaming versus physical theaters, remote doctor consultations versus physical visits, remote work instead of on-site tasks, and similar trends in hundreds of more domains. Artificial intelligence-driven language understanding will continue to expand exponentially, as will the volumes of data these activities generate.

Language understanding has become the pillar of language modeling, chatbots, personal assistants, question answering, text summarizing, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, machine translation, and more. Without AI language understanding, it would be incredibly difficult for society to use the Internet. The Transformer architecture is both revolutionary and disruptive. The Transformer and subsequent transformer architectures and models are revolutionary because they changed the way we think of NLP and artificial intelligence itself. The architecture of the Transformer is not an evolution. It breaks with the past, leaving RNNs and CNNs behind. It takes us closer to seamless machine intelligence that will match human intelligence in the years to come. The Transformer and subsequent transformer architectures, concepts, and models are disruptive. The various transformers we will explore in this book will progressively replace NLP as we knew it before their arrival.

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