Top 5 Useful Websites for Web Developers You Should Know

When we browse the Internet and stumble upon some fast, well organized, and visually pleasing website, how often do we think about people who actually made it?

It’s been a while since presentation became a huge factor, in the sense of showing the products, services, creations, or ideas in the best possible light.  When we, as a society, moved many parts of our living online, the presentations followed, and web development skills showed their real value.

Web development is today probably one of the most offered IT jobs. It can range from creating websites on the Internet and Intranet, web applications, and social networks, to e-commerce and web engineering. Essentially, no matter how simple or complex, everything that happens around building websites and maintaining the web content working smoothly is developers’ doing.

In most cases, web professionals consider development as coding or programming, markup, and making changes and adjustments to the content. Generally, there are two main groups of developers, the ones that work on the user or front side and the others who are more dedicated to the server-side. Although it’s mainly non-design work it does involve creativity. For that reason, young generations such as students like to make it a hobby. As they are in constant lack of time, it’s good that they can hire thesis help service. This type of professional assistance will allow them to finish their college program obligations on time, learn how to write a thesis, and still have enough time to work on their developer’s skills.

Most useful websites for web developers

Web developers have to know various coding languages to be able to work on different platforms. Depending on the level of knowledge and personal preferences they use tools and resources to make their work easier, faster, and better. Since keeping up with the news and trends is crucial for them, we give you 5 websites many developers find useful and handy.

The Odin Project

This is an open-source coding educational directory available online and ideal for beginners. It was founded in 2013 with the idea to make this type of knowledge free for anyone who wants to learn. Their curriculum consists of many projects as they believe that the best results in learning web development can be achieved through experience. Their goal is to connect students and motivate them to exchange knowledge and learn faster. For those who dream of freelancing or just want to learn how to build an attractive and functional website, The Odin Project could be the perfect place to start.


With over a million members this is one of the largest international online communities of developers and one of the most prominent publishers in this area. Those who visit this site can learn about new trends and technologies, and find resources of professional knowledge. DZone’s technical library has four sections: Articles, Trend reports, Refcards, and Zones. Each section is dedicated, in its own way, to communication, discussions about a technical topic, expert opinions, and information exchange.


The main task for every developer is to constantly work on their skills. GitHub platform supports a 50 million big community with numerous solutions for coding in many languages, such as JavaScript or CSS. Members find this platform more than useful because they can both learn and contribute by visiting sections such as GitHub Education, Learning Lab,  Collection, or Trending.


From July 2007, the website team works together with guest authors to help mostly front-end developers building websites by sharing various tips and tricks. The published material is mainly about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This is also a learning platform with video tutorials, articles, and books on web development and similar subjects. In order to use it, a member has to have basic knowledge of CSS.


This tool for testing website performances comes with many interesting features for better optimization. Individuals and professionals can both choose between three payment plans or just use the free basic one. So far, over 670 million pages have been already analyzed. Accept checking the optimization, the tool also identifies problems and suggests solutions and improvements for better performances.


The number of platforms and websites, created mainly to assist web developers is extremely large. However, due to the many different ways people organize their businesses nowadays, they have to be skillful, resourceful, and ready to offer new solutions that can perfectly match particular needs. It’s worth the effort as it’s a well-paid job with many opportunities, and it doesn’t require a university degree.

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