Top 5 Popular Science Literature For Students and Adults

The world is a fascinating place, and it’s only natural you want to learn about it and its inhabitants. This quest for knowledge is Science’s goal. You can learn about animals, people, astronomy, and more from reading. And in the world of literature, multiple popular pieces can help you understand science even if you didn’t study it in university.

Popular Science Literature For Students and Adults

As a student hoping to learn, you can buy a book, borrow one from the library, or read samples online to gain a grasp of alien topics. Many scholars often go on to get a free essay about literature from different fields. These written pieces are especially helpful for students trying to put together a paper. Although, you’ll need to find creative ways to come up with a quality paper and easily identify crucial points just as many of the best essay writing books highlight in them. Here are the top five popular Science books for both students and adults

Infinite Powers

This piece of science literature comes from the mind of renowned American mathematician, Steven Strogatz. Many people find it challenging to wrap their heads around Calculus many theories, even among students who study it.

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Strogatz’s book takes a different approach to the traditional form of this science area. Rather than bombarding readers with complex theories and formulas, he uses simple illustrations and graphs to explain high-level Calculus concepts and their applications in the modern world.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

You are sure to find this book in many university libraries, as it focuses on different periods of the universe’s history. You can read about man’s theories on one of the greatest cosmic events, the big bang, or find out how the current perception of time came into existence. There’s a little of everything for everyone. American-British author Bill Bryson writes this piece in a simple language, so students and adults who don’t study Science in the university can still read it.

Mama’s Last Hug

This book is a page-turner in the world of scientific literature. Frans De Waal is the author of this biology book. It focuses on the debate about animals’ capacity to express emotions. You get to read about the famous chimpanzee, Mama, and other examples of animals exhibiting the ability to show feelings. Multiple essential information on understanding animal emotions with regards to science is available in this bestseller.

This book is a recipient of the PEN/E. Ọ. Wilson Literature Science Award.

Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear

The book, Nerve, is popular Science literature for students and adults. It takes you through an exciting journey discussing the concept of fear. Eva Holland, the author of this book survived a ghastly car accident, and this near-death experience inspired her to write a book about the human emotion of fear. She discusses its history, science, and medicine behind this sensation. You also learn about numerous ways one can overcome fear and traumatic experiences.


This book is a classic of science education. A fun fact to know is that its writer, Carl Sagan wrote it to complement a popular TV series that shares its name. Yes, it’s complementary to the show Cosmos. Both the book and TV series explore the relationship between the development of civilization and that of science. It takes you through the workings of the universe and evolution.

Final Thoughts

Learning about science is helpful to understanding the universe, its history, design, and more. It’s an essential part of the development and thriving in modern society. You can read any of the 5 books discussed to gain insights into the world around you. They take away the traditional complexity you’ll encounter in typical science literature, and leave you with simple but yet informative literary pieces.

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