Top 5 Free Apps for Learning Foreign Language

It is not always necessary to spend money on courses for learning a foreign language – with the right level of motivation it can be learned for free with your phone.

Often parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, and smiling hosts of various TV shows say how important it is to know foreign languages. But language courses – not a panacea: they are both expensive and take too much time.

Another problem of “classical” teaching of foreign languages (whether Italian or Hindi) – the lack of a playful component and too much attention to grammar at the early stages. Neurolinguistics often argue with this approach: after all, children in their native language first learn to speak, and only then – to speak correctly.

We’ve chosen five of the most popular and convenient smartphone apps that can help you easily learn almost any language, start speaking it and, what’s more, don’t spend too much time on it and you no more need assignment writing help because you can easily do your papers on your own. Best of all, they are all free and easy to use, even for children. 


Cramming and monotonous repeating the same phrases is not for you? The fear of being stuck with endless tons of text and disgust at the word “grammar” in advance? Playful lessons – that’s what will save you! And to make the learning process continuous, the developers took a trick: introduced an element of gamification.

Throughout the whole linguistic journey, you will be accompanied and encouraged by a cute little lion cub. And for completed exercises, you’ll get meatballs – food for your little lion cub. You do not want the lion cub to starve, right?


Another application that bribes users with its cute Tamagotchi analogs. Through flows of new information and unfamiliar words, you will be carefully guided by a new friend – a green owl. Thanks to her every lesson will fly by quickly and cheerfully. An owl will give you beautiful badges for your achievements in the field of languages.

Earned awards can be used to buy new clothes for a virtual friend. Winged helper likes users of all ages, but children have a special affection for him. Maybe you can get your children or grandchildren involved in learning languages – it’s more fun to learn together, especially starting from scratch.


You probably know the way to memorize new words: take a card, write the word in a foreign language on one side and the translation on the other side. AnkiApp works using the same principle. Now you don’t need to find where to put your 1,000 paper cards – they are all in your smartphone and available at any time.

The app suggests you assess whether it’s hard to remember the translation of a particular word and, taking into account your answers, adjusts the period after which it will show you the word again. You can use ready sets of cards (there are more than 80 million of them) or add them yourself.


No one is surprised by one foreign language anymore. That’s why this application offers a lot of interesting options. Memrise invites you to discover your superpowers and, more specifically, to become a polyglot (at least partially).

Polish, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, French, and many other languages are available in this application. You will have the opportunity to learn the language with its native speakers, and interactive games will not allow the learning process to fall into a monotonous mumbling.


In this app, learning is based on communicating with a native speaker. There are more than 100 languages available in HelloTalk! It’s easy to find someone from India, Spain, or Japan. It’s easy enough to leave an interesting post in your profile and foreigners who want to learn your native language will write to you.

And for those who want to know everything at once, the app offers a unique messaging and conversation mode: 5 minutes of texting (chatting) in one language, then 5 minutes in another. Just in a week, your vocabulary will increase by a good hundred words in each of the languages you learn.


This helps you learn Asian languages. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese are taught in English.

Only after you have successfully completed one lesson you can start the next one. For example, in a Korean course, first, you learn the alphabet before you move on to individual words and terms.

The great thing about this app is that you can learn not only the vocabulary but also the grammar of the language. Between individual lessons, some quizzes test and strengthen what you’ve previously learned.


We hope this information will be useful to you. With the help of these applications you can easily improve your everyday vocabulary, solve interesting tasks in a playful way and have fun.

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