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Beloved PDF was published in the United States in 1987 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. It tells of Sethe’s struggle for survival and her daughter Denver after being freed from slavery. One day, a young girl appears at the house of her mother and child, calling herself “Beloved”. Sethe believes this is the ill-fated daughter she killed herself at the age of two in exchange for her own life and Denver. The novel is based on the real-life of a black woman named Margaret Garner.

If anyone has ever read the book “To kill a MockingBird PDF“, read about the fate of black slaves and feel the bitterness, injustice in their lives, surely You will also want to read Beloved – a book by American novelist Toni Morrison. She is a black woman who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. “Beloved” was released in 1987 and is probably one of the best novels of the Morrison writer. The book is written with sad but not so melancholy pages, with a clear depiction of the strong character of the character, and most importantly, the fate of poor, poor black slaves. but deep within them hides a burning heart of love.

Beloved PDF” is not an easy-to-read novel like “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, perhaps because of its harsh circumstances, and also probably due to the talented writer of Toni Morrison.

The opening of the work is a poem full of lyrical romance, with the words “Beloved” repeated repeatedly:

“I will call them, those who are not my compatriots, my compatriots

And call her,

“I will call them my people

Which were not my people

And her beloved

Which was not beloved”

The story is set in the context right after the Civil War, during the Reconstruction period. In the Ohio region, where Seth – a black woman in her 30s, lives with her daughter Denver and her mother-in-law Baby Suggs. There, in house 124 isolated from its neighbor, there was a small ghost with anger, sadness and cruelty spreading terror on the house. It was the soul of Seth’s little girl, who had her throat cut off in a horrific event 18 years ago when she was 2 years old. Seth would rather cut his daughter’s throat than let her suffer a shameful and painful slave. Nobody knows what the little ghost’s name is, but we all think it is Beloved. Beloved are the inscriptions engraved on the tombstone of Seth’s daughter. Seth wished for more, wished to carve his daughter’s tombstone with the words “Dearly Beloved”, but she only had the strength to pay for one word, and that was the word “Beloved”. And to pay for the word, she had to have sex with a tombstone carver. We can see that in the world of slavery their status as a commodity, slaves have to sell their dignity to pay for what they want.

From the beginning of the novel, the little ghost occupied the house, banishing Seth’s two sons. Baby Suggs – a black woman who also experienced the hard life of slavery and a short period of freedom – the short period of freedom that her son Halle (Seth’s husband) had to pay on Sunday for 5 years – also gave up and left life. Only Seth and his innocent daughter Denver lived in sorrowful and sad memories.

Seth is the image of American black slaves with severe trauma. Seth even while living in a peaceful, free home, but the obsessions of the past where Sweat Home still surrounds her, past where people are just tools of labor, reproduction, resignation and long-suffering. And Paul D, too, the only man who returned from Sweat Home also suffered from mental trauma. These are enough to show us the horrific context of America at that time. Seth, despite all those years, dreamed of a peaceful home, simple happiness for a man named Paul D. The 124 house was filled with the hatred of a child ghost, an old mother. Baby Suggs was bedridden waiting for death, the eldest son gradually left, the Denver girl lonely in the estrangement of the community.

The work is written with a repetitive, repetitive structure. We can see that the story is divided into 3 chapters, and each chapter begins by describing the state of house number 124.

  • Chapter 1: “House 124 is full of hatred …”
  • Chapter 2: House 124 was loud … “
  • Chapter 3:” House 124 is silent … “

It is the description of the state of the house or the mood of each character in that gloomy house. Each depicts the house in each chapter as the opening, signaling the details of the character’s life after that. By chapter 2, the episode is pushed to climax like the writer described “house 124 loudly”. And to the last chapter, the episode is like settling down, sad as well as the “stillness” of the house. Perhaps the implication of Morrison wants to build the plot as a circle, the heart of which is house No. 124, where a small ghost has been harassing for years. Every episode in the story begins from 124 and then spread to other aspects.

The two main contexts depicted in the work are the Sweat Home slave plantations and house 124. Although they are two, they seem to be repetitive, revolving. The slave plantation, which ironically was named Sweat Home, is no different from the 124 house Seth tried to escape to the illusion of a happy future. But in house 124, she came with another obsession even more oppressive, with every day living in the house every day obsessing about the sin of killing her son and the past in humiliating and bitter imprisonment.

Another feature of Morrison’s pages is the use of images, natural elements to describe human moods and states. Instead of describing the bleeding wound on the slave woman’s back, Morrison adopted the look of little Amy Denver to relate the image of a cherry tree with all the leaves and flowers blooming. This shows the lyrical and poetic quality in each sentence of the female artist.

Toni Morrison once said: “With this novel, I direct readers to ghost stories and help them understand the long way about slavery. In fact, “Beloved changed my view of slavery. There was a brutal rape, there were babies crying on the swollen nipples. They lead a life on par with animals and only get enough food to survive the hunger. Hundreds of thousands of people jumped into the sea to wash away the mess of the evils. Hundreds of thousands of others have plunged into suicide. But there are also many of them surviving the tragedy with an intact soul … ”. Through her sharing, we can once again better understand what has happened in the past, American history, the things that she indirectly stated in her work.

With “Beloved”, perhaps the first reading is not enough to fully understand the thoughts and implications that Morrison sent in his work. Each page is filled with details that make us experience the bitterness, resignation, and sadness experienced by slaves. The work left me with an indescribable feeling, sympathy, and regret the condition of the slave man. We will remember the voice full of sadness, love, sacrifice, and patience. Remember the characters with life haunting, terrifying memories. But rising above all is still human love, desire for life, hope for peaceful and small happiness.

“Beloved” – a good book on the subject of black slaves, about human love that I think we should try once to read and experience the work.

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