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To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History

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To Pixar and Beyond telling about the journey to make miracles at Pixar by author Lawrence Levy and the world’s leading technology CEO – Steve Jobs. From a company that lost every year, Pixar became the world’s No. 1 animated feature film studio in terms of both artistic value and revenue, changing the history of technology used in movies, making Steve and Lawrence the school. special suit has never been seen.

Author Lawrence Levy comes from a Silicon Valley attorney, and then moves on to CFO for a technology company. It was Steve Jobs who directly recruited Lawrence as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy CEO of Pixar, the world’s leading animation production company today.

In order to bring Pixar to the top and become the first animation film maker in the world, Lawrence, Steve and the whole Pixar team have had a persistent and connected journey. Through the story Lawrence tells, readers can feel the unique creative work of the whole Pixar team and the bold strategic thinking of those playing leadership roles.

To Pixar and Beyond is a massive record of the efforts of the author and the Pixar team. A book that incorporates many elements including business, artistic creation, and solidarity and pure friendship. We will see the accuracy and specificity of the strategic vision of a Lawrence – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. Also see a warm-hearted Lawrence, touched and cherished Pixar’s team for the animated feature films; Seeing the friendship between Lawrence and Steve and members of the board of directors. Readers will be delighted and moved by the way he treats Pixar, both a job with clear responsibilities, pressure, and a child with a special affection. That also makes the tone of the book both coherent, sharp and contains a lot of emotions.

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