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To Kill a Mockingbird

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Come on, open To kill a Mockingbird. You have to get acquainted with Atticus’ s father – Jem and Scout, the lawyer father has his own way, so that your children will be stronger and more resilient when receiving the incomprehensible pressing in the fight. living. You will remember for a long time the man who liked to hide in Boo Radley’s house, who was considered by the eccentric crowd to choose a very personal way to send small gifts to Jem and Scout, and when they were in danger, suddenly appeared. show to protect. And of course, you cannot ignore Tom Robinson, who was sentenced to death for raping a white girl, his honest and overly simple thoughts led to an extreme ending. heartbreaking, just because you’re a black person.

Despite being told from a young girl’s perspective, the ebook To kill a Mockingbird does not shy away from any problem, thorny or great, profound or complex: racism, strict prejudices, respect for men and women … The perspective of a child is a bold and unique mark in Kill a Mockingbird. Clear, innocent and full of emotion, the stories seem to be nothing great to sow the seed of love.

Nearly 50 years from its debut, To Kill the Mockingbird PDF, the first and last work of American writer Harper Lee is still attractive to readers of all ages.

The message of love spread throughout the chapters is one of the reasons Kill a Mockingbird keeps its vitality in the hearts of readers in many countries and generations. Little readers find themselves mischievous and witty about the world around them. The adults again found something deeply intriguing in Atticus ‘s father and son’ s relationship, and especially the human life in life, as little Scout said, “I think there is only one class of people. It is people. ”

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