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Tiny Python Projects PDF

Tiny Python Projects PDF free download by Ken Youens-Clark – This being my first book, it has been interesting to note the many people who have helped me create it. It all started with a call with Mike Stephens, the acquisitions editor for Manning, who entertained the idea of a book on learning how to produce serious, tested software by writing silly games and puzzles.

That eventually led to a call with Marjan Bace, the publisher, who was enthusiastic about using test-driven development ideas to motivate readers to actively engage with writing the programs. My first development editor, Susanna Kline, had to help me wrestle the first few chapters of the book into something people would actually want to read. My second development editor, Elesha Hyde, provided patient and thoughtful guidance through months of writing, editing, and reviews. I thank my technical editors, Scott Chaussee, Al Scherer, and Mathijs Affourtit, for carefully checking all my code and text for mistakes. I appreciated the efforts of Manning’s MEAP team, especially Mehmed Pasic for producing the PDFs and giving me technical guidance on how to use AsciiDoc.

I would also like to thank my project editor Deirdre Hiam, my copyeditor Andy Carroll, my proofreader Katie Tennant, and my review editor Aleksandar Dragosavljevic´. Also, the readers of the liveBook edition and the many technical reviewers who provided such great feedback: Amanda Debler, Conor Redmond, Drew Leon, Joaquin Beltran, José Apablaza, Kimberly Winston-Jackson, Maciej Jurkowski, Mafinar Khan, Manuel Ricardo Gonzalez Cova, Marcel van den Brink, Marcin Se˛k, Mathijs Affourtit, Paul R Hendrik, Shayn Cornwell, Víctor M. Pérez.

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