Tiger Honor – Yoon Ha Lee ePub PDF download

Tiger Honor – Yoon Ha Lee

235 Pages – 2022 – 4.6 MB – 854 Downloads – English

Tiger Honor - Yoon Ha Lee ePub PDF

Juhwang Sebin, Cadet, 1728-99746. Name, rank, and serial number. That’s all I’m supposed to say if I’m captured. Every member of the Thousand Worlds Space Forces knows that, even one as junior as I am. It’s a little ludicrous to worry about that, though, because the few people still active on this ship know who I am and what I’ve done. And those who put me here are my comrades. You’re nothing but a traitor was the last thing Min said to me as she left me locked up in this cell. The others don’t need to be told what my name is, or any of that. They’re perfectly aware that I’m a tiger spirit from the Juhwang Clan on the world of Yonggi, and that I’m responsible for the pickle we’re all in.

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