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Think Like a Programmer PDF

Think Like a Programmer An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving PDF free download – This book assumes you are already familiar with the basic syntax and semantics of the C++ language and that you have begun writing programs. Most of the chapters will expect you to know specific C++ fundamentals; these chapters will begin with a review of those fundamentals. If you are still absorbing language basics, don’t worry. There are plenty of great books on C++ syntax, and you can learn problem solving in parallel to learning syntax. Just make sure you have studied the relevant syntax before attempting to tackle a chapter’s problems.

In general, current programming education doesn’t offer much guidance in the area of problem solving. Instead, it’s assumed that if programmers are given access to all of the tools of programming and requested to write enough programs, eventually they will learn to write such programs and write them well. There is truth in this, but “eventually” can be a long time. The journey from initiation to enlightenment can be filled with frustration, and too many who start the journey never reach the destination. Instead of learning by trial and error, you can learn problem solving in a systematic way. That’s what this book is all about. You can learn techniques to organize your thoughts, procedures to discover solutions, and strategies to apply to certain classes of problems. By studying these approaches, you can unlock your creativity. Make no mistake: Programming, and especially problem solving, is a creative activity. Creativity is mysterious, and no one can say exactly how the creative mind functions.

Yet, if we can learn music composition, take advice on creative writing, or be shown how to paint, then we can learn to creatively solve programming problems, too. This book isn’t going to tell you precisely what to do; it’s going to help you develop your latent problem-solving abilities so that you will know what you should do. This book is about helping you become the programmer you are meant to be. My goal is for you and every other reader of this book to learn to systematically approach every programming task and to have the confidence that you will ultimately solve a given problem. When you complete this book, I want you to think like a programmer and to believe that you are a programmer.

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