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At the age of 20, when he began to write “Things Fall Apart”, C. Achebe’s thought was surprisingly old. The reason he wrote “The disintegrating hometown” was that he wanted to position himself and the country of Nigeria amid the flow of history. That thought may sound sublime, but it was actually very practical. Because at that time, Africa still contained many mysteries, only being introduced to the world by whites was not really accurate and objective. C. Achebe wants to change the sad situation through a work of fiction. And he succeeded, “Disintegrating Homeland” is seen as a work that changed African literature.

The content of the novel “Things Fall Apart” revolves around the story of a hero of the Ibo clan named Okonkwo. Okonkwo earned fame and fortune through his stony will of self-reliance even though he grew up in poverty due to his incompetent and lazy father. Once due to manslaughter, Okonkwo had to exile himself at his wife’s side for seven years. Okonkwo’s return from exile was also the time when the white man came and changed Okonkwo’s homeland.

At the forefront of the white man’s infiltration of the new land were the missionaries. The people of Ibo did not like the new religion, but hospitality allowed the missionaries to set up churches and preach. The number of indigenous people following new religion is increasing, including dignitaries. The next step, the British set up governments, courts, soldiers … to force the natives to follow the laws of the country. In addition, they also open shops to pick up local forest and native products. The actions of the white people seriously divided the Ibo tribe. Okonkwo represented the ancient and respectable minorities who, in the face of the disappearance of traditional values, called on their compatriots to revolt against the British. But no one wanted to follow Okonkwo, even Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye, followed the new religion and abandoned his father.

The climax of the plot occurs when Okonkwo is tricked into a jail, paying a ransom. Frustrated, Okonkwo beheaded one of the henchmen. Okonkwo’s actions did not raise his community up, but instead feared. Ending the novel in a desperate mood for not being able to convince the crowd to follow him, Okonkwo hanged himself – a death the Ibo considered most humiliating.

Throughout the novel “Things Fall Apart”, the reader is fascinated because C. Achebe reconstructs the past of a primitive tribal society with all cultural wealth, rich humanity in relations. family and village … But this is not a novel that borrows the form of a novel designed to talk about customs for the fanciful reader that C. Achebe wants to describe a moment of conflict between ancient indigenous culture. foreign transmission and culture. C. Achebe was an Ibo, but he was very objective in tone and words, not condemning whites because he understood the fading of traditional values ​​of a less civilized society. the law of history is inevitable, especially when colonialism is strongly developed. Only thing,

The work “Things Fall Apart” was written in English in the form of a classic 19th century novel, so there was not much innovation in terms of genre. But if compared with the level of African literature at that time, it was a leap in quality. Never before has an African writer been seen writing about Africa’s traumatic history in such a profound way with expert narrative art. Beyond Nigeria and Africa, “The Disintegration of Homeland” accurately represents the bloody experience of colonial peoples in the face of former colonialism. That is also the reason why “Things Fall Apart” since its inception has been considered a classic literary work, translated into dozens of languages ​​and sold up to 11 million copies.

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