They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman ePub PDF download

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They'll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman ePub PDF

They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman ePub PDF free download – I HATE THE way my sister Ellie breathes. She doesn’t huff or puff or pant or wheeze. No, Ellie’s breath is steady and sure and it never changes. Not when she accelerates around a particularly angled turn. Not even when she sprints the final hundred yards. Her breath is as consistent as the time. I also hate the way Ellie’s ponytail never falls out of place. And that she can run in silence without wanting to crush her own brain with her hands. How can my little sister have so many thoughts she actually wants to think? Me, on the other hand. I just want to shut everything out. That’s why I run. To get away. To be free.

I just want to pump my legs faster than anyone else’s. To feel the burn deep within my lungs and all throughout my thighs. To win. It doesn’t matter where I’m going or which course I’m on or anything. What matters is that my brain stops. Completely. And I can only get there if everything’s aligned, if I ascend planes, beat records, and speed, speed, speed. Only when I’m running can I forget about the little things —how my dark hair is so unruly it can only be tamed by a thick medical-grade elastic, or that time in the ninth grade Julia Heller found out I didn’t have my period yet and awarded me the nickname Sterile. I can forget that my parents are constantly worried about money and the too-big house. I can forget that Mom is a recovering alcoholic, who is always a few sips away from overthrowing the delicate balance we’ve found —and that Dad is constantly forcing us to avoid things that might set her off. I can forget why I’m here, how guilt and horror fizzled in my brain when I first heard the sound of bone unlatching. I can even forget the worst thing of all: that Ellie is just as fast as I am—sometimes even faster.

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