The Year Without a Summer – Arlene Mark ePub PDF download

The Year Without a Summer – Arlene Mark

295 Pages – 2022 – 3.0 MB – 3221 Downloads – English

The Year Without a Summer - Arlene Mark ePub PDF

Jamie shifted his weight on his snowboard at the top of the mountain and set his sights down the slope. If only winter break were longer. He’d be even more equipped for team competition this year—and the rest of his life. He sighed and then pushed off, ready to face the unforgiving beasts waiting for him on the run. The moguls sat up like whack-a-moles, to be conquered one by one as he carved his way down the mountain. The crisp scent of pine reminded him to keep alert as he hurtled between mighty trees on both sides. As he faced the first bump, he inhaled the frosty air, trusted his Capital Outsider board, and let the exhilarating freedom carry him along. He’d started timing himself the first day they’d arrived at Killington. Today he was going for six minutes, a whole ten seconds faster than yesterday. His mind raced along with his body. Setting a goal made him even more primed to compete. His school team still had two competitions. If he trained while he was here, he’d win for the team. With a great record, he’d make the high school team next year. Then, who knows? Maybe states, then national.

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