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The Wrong Side of Murder ePub PDF

The Wrong Side of Murder ePub PDF free download – Aislinn Byrne slipped into her car and tapped the steering wheel with a chewed nail, the dispatcher’s words echoing in her head. Aislinn hated the rotting, bloated corpses – they were hideous and smelled awful. But there was no choosing which murder you worked, it all came down to whether you were at the top of the rotation. She started her car and pulled into the midday traffic. Google Maps was dormant on this trip. Jamaica Plain was her backyard, had been since she was a red-haired tomboy racing down hills on her tricycle. She knew the building where some unfortunate had stumbled onto today’s murder victim – an old red brick three-story on the corner across from the Purple Cactus Burrito Bar.

Maybe she’d grab some lunch after checking out the scene. Then she remembered the dispatcher’s warning and thought, maybe not. A forensics unit was already on site and the uniforms had secured a half-block perimeter with crime scene tape. She rolled her window down and held up her badge for the officer guarding the street, then drove under the tape and parked behind the CSI van. She clipped the badge to her belt as she walked toward the door, eyes scanning the crowd from behind her sunglasses. Perps love to watch the cops fuss over their work, Westcott had told her. That had proved to be good advice. She’d solved a murder once by watching the CCTV footage of herself arriving at the scene and seeing a guy in the crowd whose body language was all wrong. Nothing twigged with her this time and she tucked her sunglasses in her blazer pocket and entered the building.

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