The Wealthy Barber PDF ePub free download by David Chilton

Details about The Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide to Successful Financial Planning

222 Pages – 1992 – 15.21 MB – 8,846 Downloads – English

The Wealthy Barber PDF ePub free download by David Chilton – Surprisingly, slow-pitch season is something Susan enjoys as much as I do, if not more. The thirteen guys on our team range in age from twentyeight to thirty-two, with me being the youngest. Seven are married and three have children. Tournaments, barbecues, pool parties, and evenings at our sponsor’s — a terrific bar in Waterloo — are the highlights of the summer. All the wives and girlfriends get along famously. In fact, they appear to hold contests to see who can sit in the stands and pay the least attention to the game. Inevitably, when a game ends, the first thing our devoted fans ask is “Who won?” This April, though, is a little different from Aprils gone by. Sue is pregnant, or as she likes to put it, “we” are pregnant. If it’s true that we are pregnant, it is also true that I am handling it better than Sue. I am seldom tired and I haven’t gained a single pound over the first five months.

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