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The Way of the Shepherd: Seven Secrets to Managing Productive People

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“The Way of the Shepherd” wrote by a non-believer about the incredible management method of General Technologies CEO Theodore McBride of General Technologies. Under his leadership, General Technologies has not only achieved unprecedented success for 17 consecutive years, but has also become everyone’s dream work paradise.

The book does not carry fine words, big words, but is divided into many short, concise, simple lessons like the style of its communicator, his “peasant” teacher. Theodore McBride. If books on the same topics of leadership and management often overwhelm readers with arid statistics, long-term analyzes, examples of large corporations and enterprises in the world, then “The Way of the Shepherd” just humbly with the image of his simple teacher and adorable sheep.

It is not by coincidence that sheep are used as a representative image for the employees in the organization. Sheep are shy animals, with the habit of living in groups but not disciplined, like a group of people with all personalities and purposes gathered in one place, without a good guide, they will quickly turn into a chaotic, chaotic, primitive herd of sheep. On the contrary, if led by a talented leader, the sheep will gradually stabilize, go into orderly order, from which the whole herd can focus and grow.

Over thousands of years of eating and sleeping with sheep, countless lessons observed from the grasslands of Europe or the vast steppe of Africa have made people wiser. In the “Bible,” Jesus likened himself to a shepherd seeking wisdom by leading sheep or, most familiar to many readers, is the image of a shepherd boy in a famous work. “Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Therefore, it is not surprising that the great teacher of the leader of General Technologies is once again using the sheep farm to impart his management skills to the young pupil.

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