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The Upper World by Femi Fadugba ePub PDF

The Upper World by Femi Fadugba ePub PDF free download – Miss Purdy spent the next five minutes showing us how Pythagoras had turned his hunch about triangles into a mathematical law that would have to be obeyed for the rest of eternity, everywhere in the universe. The second Purdy finished explaining, I felt like a rusty padlock sprang open in my head.fn1 And, for only the second or third time in my life, I felt like maybe – just maybe – I might live in a world where things made sense. When she turned her back, I punched ‘Pythagoras’ into Google on my phone.

Turns out, like most of the sharp ones, my man was a nutter. According to the internets, he ran some cult where everyone swore never to eat black beans or piss in the direction of the sun. Oh, and they all worshipped the number 10 and believed that if you lifted the bonnet off what we all see as reality, you’d find nothing but maths under the hood – the language the gods wrote the universe in. Apparently. There were also ‘related’ links to a few of his stans – one guy called Plato, another Socrates – that I didn’t bother clicking. It was all getting a bit too trippy, so I put my phone away, knowing I was lucky I hadn’t been spotted by Purdy. I was in her good books and had no intention of leaving them.

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