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Details about The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, 5th Edition

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The Universe Next Door PDF ePub free download – In 1976 the New Age worldview was just forming and had yet to be given a name. I called it “the new consciousness.” At the same time the word postmodern was used only in academic circles and had yet to be recognized as an intellectually significant shift. Now, in 2009, the New Age is over thirty years old, adolescent only in character, not in years. Meanwhile postmodernism has penetrated every area of intellectual life, enough to have triggered at least a modest backlash. Pluralism, and the relativism and syncretism that have accompanied it, have muted the dis- tinctive voice of every point of view. And though the third edition of this book noted these, there is now more to the stories of both the New Age and postmodernism. In the fourth edition I updated the chapter on the New Age and substantially revised the chapter on postmodernism.

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