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The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover

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The Total Money Makeover is a book about financial management. The title of the book is a financial event that happened to Dave Ramsey when he was in his 30s, a millionaire, with a nice house, a nice car, a wife and two young children. This event stems from the fact that Dave had an uncontrolled loan from a bank to do real estate business, plus the innocent spending of money… When Dave realized he had “crossed his arms over his forehead”, it was also time of bankruptcy..

At the end of the shame, the bitterness, the dissatisfaction with life, Dave regained control of his finances, completely changed his view of money, and once again… became a millionaire! In the process of reasserting his relationship with money, Dave started helping a lot of people around and building a radio channel (now with both podcasts and Youtube ) to teach people how to get out of debt and become financially independent. This book was written by the author’s horrible bankruptcy experience and inspired people to find their own freedom.

“The Total Money Makeover” points out that you are not as financially secure as you think it is, that it’s time to stop taking debt as normal and the book will provide you with a 7-step plan to start paying off debt. and build the balance we want.

There are dozens of books on the market that teach you how to become a millionaire. Meanwhile, some of these tips work, but others don’t, most of us dream of making millions when our bank account balances are even less than 0 – that is is unrealistic.

I hate being the one who says this, but chances are you are irresponsible with the money. I used to be like that. As an adult, I didn’t have to work all day. I can always get what I want – most of the time, anyway – and if I save a little bit of money on my birthday, it’s usually possible to get a new Xbox or laptop within a few months.

But if you’re serious about building a happy life and really want this fulfillment, don’t let it go on like that forever. Lucky for you and me, Dave Ramsey is here to help us. Total Money Makeover is the most popular personal finance book of all time and has sold over 5 million copies since it was published in 2003.

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