The Top 7 Free Writing Apps for Organization, Drafting, and Editing

The Top 7 Free Writing Apps for Organization Drafting and Editing

Only authors are aware of the difficulties associated with their innovative and demanding profession. Therefore, you should jump at the chance to accept a helping hand in the shape of digital tools when it is extended to you.

You have to put a lot of effort and imagination into writing, which requires independent thought. However, there are tools at your disposal that can simplify your work. You can find countless options if you search the web for planning, writing, and editing apps. Because of this, we made the decision to help you out by surfacing the top free tools and apps. Here they are, prepared or not!


Have you ever wished for an essay writing assistant, even just for a moment? That wish can come true using Evernote. This outstanding tool excels at organizing and planning.

You can make checklists, to-do lists, and notes in Evernote. You won’t have to stress about missing a deadline if you meticulously arrange your writing assignments in Evernote.

The features for taking notes are only the beginning. Use Evernote to rapidly capture writing inspiration before it vanishes, save photos for blog articles, or bookmark web pages for future reference.

You can access the files at any moment by syncing Evernote across all of your devices. Up to two devices may be synced with the free plan.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

According to reports, you should post fresh blog content 2-4 times each week to achieve the best traffic and conversion rates. That is a LOT of subjects.

The Blog Ideas Generator was a solution created by Hubspot innovators. The Hubspot ideas generator will give you a ton of topic ideas to work on with just a single keyword.

If you ever run out of ideas for blog posts, the Blog Ideas Generator can help. Having those topic suggestions in front of you might also assist you come up with additional intriguing content ideas by stimulating your mind.

750 Words

Being consistent is essential for productivity. Regular writing is the key to accomplishing your objectives, whether you are producing a new book or blog posts. 750 Words is an app that recognizes and encourages the value of consistency.

You’ll be urged by 750 Words to write 750 words (or around three pages) each day. It’s not unreasonable to ask for three pages of writing each day, but it can have a significant impact. Since maintaining consistency might be challenging, setting a goal of 750 words can help you stay committed to your writing schedule.

There is a psychological advantage to this app. You’ll feel more accomplished at the end of the day if you start writing with a target word count in mind. If you don’t have any predetermined aims, that sense won’t manifest.


Your writing block can often be difficult to overcome even with the best writing gear. You should seek online essay help from other thesis writers when those periods of creative quiet occur.

This is a writing service where you can pay for essay by Writance and guarantee to get a good grade. However, what attracts many authors to it is their quick service and reasonable costs. They might not be free, but they do have the most affordable prices and give new consumers a discount.

You may also check out the free blog posts at Writance, where they discuss a variety of writing-related subjects. They may assist you with editing and proofreading in addition to essay help services and blog material. This is where you may receive the human touch in editing when you need it.

Focus Writer

It can be difficult to stay in the moment and give your writing your whole attention. Emails, notifications, and other apps can quickly cause you to become distracted. Before you know it, you have neglected your project in favor of reading about forthcoming dog competitions for two hours.

A software called FocusWriter was developed as a solution to the distraction issue. You’ll receive a distraction-free interface with the tools you require for writing.

Focus Writer includes numerous features while being an app that emphasizes simplicity, including different themes, timers, analytics, spell-checking, and more. Simply put, it gives you everything you need for writing, including a distraction-free workspace. What more could an author ask for?


Make sure your writing is entirely original by using Quetext. You might unintentionally use someone else’s wording or language. Because of this, a free plagiarism detection tool like Quetext might be quite beneficial.

Any “borrowed” sentences will be found by the tool. Simply paste the text into the plagiarism detector and wait for results.

Your published work will be as real as it gets because of Quetext.

Final thoughts

This compact list includes all the software and equipment that a writer would require. With the greatest apps and tools, you can plan, write, and edit. Even better, you’ll do it without charge! Don’t be reluctant to use these fantastic apps. Why pass up the potential to make writing a little simpler?

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