The Taking of Jake Livingston ePub PDF free download

Details about The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass

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The Taking of Jake Livingston ePub PDF

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass ePub PDF free download – The Conjuring meets Get Out with a sprinkle of Danielle Vega. This is a phantom story that will make you terrified of the dull.

He died on the spot. Went splat in the grass, with the javelin sticking out of his forehead like the sword of King Arthur. According to St. Clair lore, a few people were screaming “LOOK OUT!” even as his hand unraveled like the legs of a dead crab and his portable speaker rolled slowly from his grip. Woodbead is dead, but I can still see him, bursting into light when the javelin lands. Steven is deader than dead, and he died before I was even born. His PE uniform—white crop top and blue shorts— doesn’t match the all-red uniforms we wear today and definitely wouldn’t be considered “normal” by the academy’s current standards.

Any dude wearing a shirt that doesn’t cover his belly button would have their face shoved into an unflushed toilet. So I assume Steven died in the eighties. All I can see is the moment his soul split from his body—when his shirt knifed open and firecrackers burst like bees from his chest. His body dispersed in a siege of glowing embers, disintegrating into the air around the rugby post. There’s this moment afterward when that spot is silent, and at first I wondered if that was his final loop, if Steven had finally passed on. But then he pixelates back into shape, short shorts to retro windbreaker. His smile is empty, his eyes are white, and he’s dancing all over again.

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