The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives ePub PDF free download

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The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives ePub PDF

The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives ePub PDF free download – How long have I been here? It could be hours after my wedding reception, or a month later. There’s no way for me to know. It feels as if I’ve been sleeping my entire life. Consciousness slips away as blobs of inky darkness threaten to pull me under. My thoughts knock together clumsily like shapes in a kaleidoscope, changing and smearing until time and dream and reality are inconsequential. Is he here too? Tucked away in the room next door in the same situation? Too many questions swirl through my brain at once and I can’t make sense of any of them. “You know,” Karen says, “she kind of looks like that woman.” “Which one?” “The woman all over the news,” Karen says, the IV jerking in my vein. “The one who killed her husband, married another guy right after, and then killed him too. I think it’s her.” Beep. “Oh, I’d almost forgotten about her,” Sheree says. “They say she pushed one down the stairs and shot the other one while he was working in his office.” She’s beside me now. The side of my bed slumps as if she’s leaning over to get a closer look at me. “Yeah, she kind of does look like her, doesn’t she? What were they calling her?”

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