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The Silent Girl by Kelly Heard

The Silent Girl by Kelly Heard ePub PDF free download – A man’s voice speaks into a transceiver. “Female. Thirty, maybe. Send an ambulance. And check for missing persons, anything on the news. Strawberry blonde, blue dress. There’s —flowers in her hair.” With a whispered curse, he turns away. “Hang on a minute,” he says. I hear a different voice telling me that help is coming. That I need to hold on a little longer. But I’m not ready to leave the flowers yet. The blossoms surrounded me, a thousand red moons bobbing on delicate stems. I’m pushing back consciousness, trying not to wake up. Whatever I did wrong, whatever landed me here, I know the flowers would forgive me, and I wish that I could stay. There is a sickening pain in my head. Blood has dried on my face, my eyelashes are sticking together, and I wonder, distantly, about time, about the pale light and the distant bird calls. I can feel scratches along my shoulder and down my right arm that scream every time I breathe. Fear, like a wild horse, runs through my veins. All of this I know, not as facts are known, but in my body, the way a fledgling bird must know which way to fly when the nights get cold. What I don’t know is where I went wrong. The red of those flowers has erased whatever came before. I stare up at glossy green leaves and, without needing to close my eyes, slip gratefully away into a field of numbing red.

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